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Upmarket Bug Snacks to Creep Into Thai Stores

Feb 27 (Reuters) – Street vendors selling deep-fried insects as snacks are a familiar sight in Bangkok, but a Thai entrepreneur is trying to give edible bugs a more upmarket appeal. Panitan Tongsiri will...

Two Minutes Flat! Fast Thai Wok Cooking

High heat makes perfect wok dishes. Perfect Thai “Shrimp with Ginger”. (Yes it is a lot of ginger! And yes, it is ginger, not bean-sprouts!) Thai street chef.

Street Food in Krabi Thailand

Cooking crepes at a Thai food market in Southern Thailand. This savoury crepe was shredded chicken and chilli flavour. Thai Street Food is delicious, but have a good look at the way each vendor...

Thai Street Food in 2015

If you are lucky enough to have visited Thailand, you will have come across the abundance of Thai street food stalls that are part of every major city and town in all corners of Thailand....

Discover Cooking in Thailand

Cooking in Thailand – In this video, Parker leads us on a cooking tour in Chiang Mai, and discovers the wonderful food challenges of amazing Thailand.