New School Uniform, Thailand

Nin Wai Oo is 9 years old. She is in grade 1 at Lae Bee Migrant School in Mae Sot. Her parents are farmers and work planting corn, onions and garlic. The work is seasonal and they often have to move around for work. Her Father is able to get regular work but her Mother is unable to find work every day. Together they earn about 150 Baht ($4.70 US) a day. Some of this has to go to pay back the debt they owe to the traffickers that heled them get out of Burma and come to Thailand. Recently they moved to a nearby town but left Nin Wai Oo and her younger brother with relatives so that she could continue at the same school. The family faces many problems, along with struggling to get enough money to live they are also scared that they will be arrested and sent back to Burma as illegal immigrants. They live in constant fear of the Police which is made especially dangerous when they have to travel for work outside the Mae Sot area.

Nin Wai Oo loves to attend Sunday school every Sunday at Light of Love Church. She loves to sing songs to God and to dance. She is always very happy when she is at Church. She is now doing well at school and says she would like to be a teacher when she grows up. Last year she missed 2 months of school when her parents moved to a place further away. When she was able to go back she was worried that she would not pass the exam. She prayed to God and asked for help and managed to pass the exam. She thanks God for answering her prayer and helping her to pass.

Partners Community support worker Pranee has been doing this work for 3 years and knows Nin Wai Oo very well. She started to get to know her when she visited her community and her family at a little bamboo house where they lived. Pranee and the Light of Love Church were able to share about God to this family and later they started to come to church every week to learn more about God. Pranee and her husband visit the family whenever they are in the community to say hello, encourage them and to spend time praying with the family. The community support project is also able to help them pay for Nin Wai Oo’s school fees, school uniform and also transportation costs to and from school.

Photo above: Nin Wai Oo in her new uniform getting ready for her first day of school for 2014.

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