Cooking Thai Food – Breakfast: Khao Tom Moo

My shortcut cooking video of boiled rice or Khao Tom Moo. I guess Khao Tom Moo is Asian breakfast. Many times people ask me what do Thai people eat as a breakfast? In Isaan, we would eat anything for breakfast. There is not a fix type of food. We would eat Kaprao Moo or anything that was left from last night (that is for my family..haha) I had spaghetti that was left from last night as my breakfast.

In the south, they would have Cha-Yen, Curry Noodle, Khao Tom Moo, Roti, Pork Noodle, fried chicken with sticky rice or rice with omelet etc.. Most Thai, I believe we eat Khao Tom Moo as breakfast. 🙂
Have you seen any other different breakfast in Thailand?

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