Thai Food – Chilli Mud Crab Recipe

In this video presentation, Duncan Robertson of Duncan’s Thai Kitchen, will be showing us how to cook Chilli Mud Crab.

Duncan Robertson, says:

I have always had a deep respect for Thai people, Thai food and their beautiful country. I feel I have “arrived home” with my Thai family, and have been cooking nothing but Thai food day in day out for many years now.

After travelling to Thailand on many occasions, I have gained a solid understanding of traditional Thai food, cooking techniques and the complexity of flavours. With the guidance of my wife, Julia, who is an amazing Thai chef, I am very fortunate to say that I can cook Thai!

For more details about Duncan Robertson and his popular Thai cooking television show, Duncan’s Thai Kitchen: read more at: Duncan’s Thai Kitchen

Image Source: Duncan’s Thai Kitchen

Video Source: Youtube Channel: Duncan’s Thai Kitchen

… in the following video, Duncan Robertson cooks  a delicious Thai dish – Chilli Mud Crab

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