Eating Jumping Live Shrimp in Thailand

Have you heard of jumping shrimp salad?  In Thailand, you can easily find street hawkers with small containers of live shrimps. If you want to know what they are selling, just ask for the salad.

The seller will scoop up a bunch of live shrimp and toss them in a small bowl. In the same bowl, the usual thai cooking herbs and sauces are added. Typically it is ginger, kaffir lime leaves, green onions, lemon and some sweet sauces. While this is being prepared, the shrimps are jumping all over the place.

But to really enjoy this experience, the locals would advise you to eat quickly so that you can feel the shrimps jumping in your mouth. Sounds crazy, right?

Will you be game to try “jumping live shrimp salad” on your next trip to Thailand? Thai street food … there is always something weird  to try, if your game.

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