Pae-lo – A Delicious Thai Dish That You Can Cook

Chinese White Raddish_Image1

Pae-lo is a delicious Thai dish that is popular all over Thailand. The last time I was in Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima), I was lucky to be taken to one of those out of the way restaurants that only the locals seem to know about. Tucked away on a back street and overlooking the Police compound were they stored confiscated motor bikes, was the best place in Korat to eat Pae-lo. It may very well be considered to be traditional Thai food, but in fact, has it’s origins in China. The main inclusions are pork strips, whole hard boiled eggs and of course Chinese white radish. (The other ingredients you will need to cook this Thai dish are listed in the following recipe, which I managed to get from the head chef at Bangkok Rose Thai Restaurant). The thing I like most about this Thai dish, apart from the awesome flavour, is the way the Chinese white radish soaks up the broth like a sponge during the cooking stage, similarly the hard boiled eggs also soak up the flavour and are a delight to eat. I haven’t seen Pae-lo in any of our local Thai restaurants, but some of the more traditional ones situated in the Thaitown area of Sydney City, may have Pae-lo on their menus. I will definitely be trying some more of these great Thai restaurants on my next visit to Sydney. If you are visiting Cairns in North Queensland, Australia – please try Bangkok Rose Thai Restaurant, which is located at beautiful Trinity Beach, just a short drive north of the airport and the Cairns CBD

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