Dirty Waters – Dangerous Fish



Because I work in the hospitality industry, I am always looking to use the best possible fresh vegetables, meat and seafood to produce delicious Thai food for our customers. But, we must be constantly monitoring the costs of the food we use. When it comes to seafood I always try to use the best local product, because I want to support our local economy and I know that the local government regulations unsure that I am getting the best possible product. But, when presented with an imported product at a much cheaper price, should we assume that the imported product is as good as the local product?

A friend recently sent me a video that alerts us to the dangers of thinking that a cheaper fish product from Vietnam is as good as our local fish.

After watching this video, you will probably be a lot more careful when buying frozen fish fillets …  and don’t forget to ask your local Fish & Chip shop or your favourite Thai restaurant, if they are using local fish or a cheaper import.

… the following video: Dirty Waters – Dangerous Fish, warns of the risk of eating fish from fish farms located on the Mekong River in Vietnam.


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