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The Star of Thai Cooking – Red Hot Chillies

Thailand’s Red Hot Chillies The star of Thai cooking are the red hot chillies that are the backbone of Thai cuisine … and they’re quite addictive, most Thai’s find food cooked with little or...

Thai Street Food in 2015

If you are lucky enough to have visited Thailand, you will have come across the abundance of Thai street food stalls that are part of every major city and town in all corners of Thailand....

Weird Food – Edible Body Parts

Fast-food restaurant KFC is not the only company making every-day items like cups edible. In Thailand¬†artist and baker Kittiwat Unarrom makes gruesome dismembered human body parts covered in blood … NEXT PAGE:>>


10 Favourite Thai Food Dishes

This started as a homework for my next Thai class. My Thai teacher Kru Thip told her students to write out 10 Favourite Thai Food in Thai, so I thought I should do some research on what the words mean too. (I included one drink.)