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Jet Tila Knows Where to Eat Thai Food in L.A.

“My family, when they moved here from Thailand in the sixties, moved into Silver Lake. In the sixties,” he reiterates. “So we’ve been around a little longer than hipsters have.” Upon arriving, his family opened the first Thai grocery store in America in 1972.

Asians Eat Weird Things

Asians eat weird things, but the Fung Brothers make it very funny. Video Source: FungBrosComedy


Dirty Waters – Dangerous Fish

… the following video: Dirty Waters – Dangerous Fish, warns of the risk of eating fish from fish farms located on the Mekong River in Vietnam

Top 10 Weird Asian Food

Many of the things that are eaten in different countries around the world are “weird” but some are just disgusting. I dare say you may be tempted to try some of these food at...